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alright, it was a really great episode. The only thing that people will have to bitch about is cartman being a transphobic (and somewhat cisphobic, tho that was only a guise to add to his trans ploy) asshole. The episode hit home with a lot of topics and gave a great moral for trans people. it even touched on cisphobia, which was a nice touch

overall the episode was great and wasnt too horribly offensive imo. the only thing that was weird to me is how they didnt really go anywhere with wendy’s trans thing?? idk

are they gonna be wendy or wendyl the next time we see them? are they really trans??

This season has been showing some degree of continuity. Last week, they acknowledged how the boys quit school to do the Redskins start-up. This week expanded and answered why Randy was dressed up as Lorde at the end of last week’s episode. Heck, even with Eric eating a bunch of Eggo waffles, the show still acknowledged the gluten thing. I have a feeling Wendyl will show up next week.

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