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Can someone please educate me
On how 4chan, taint of the internet
Made Vivian James
Or is this some sort of Olivia Mann shit

Short version: Zoe Quinn and/or her associates/friends/whatever attacked feminist group The Fine Young Capitalists and their game jam to get more women in game development. 4chan’s /v/ and /pol/ boards decided to raise money for TFYC’s IndieGoGo campaign for said game jam. Soon, they hit the donation goal where they get to create-a-character. After much debate, /v/ created Vivian.

More can be found here.


For what little it’s worth, I support those who want more transparency in video game journalism and wanting everyone to have a voice. No one deserves to be harassed or threaten, yet game journalists have been mocking and chastising the people that care the most about what they have to say. I’m not saying those that identify as gamers are exempt from criticism, but they don’t deserve to be demonized. Especially not since those that are against gamers claim they are taking the moral high ground when really they’ve been just as vicious and deplorable as they claim gamers to be. Not all of them, but enough to make me question what it is exactly they are trying to gain from this and if they actually know what this thing is mainly about (want of better journalism). But seeing as how wanting better journalism being the main issue is almost constantly being ignored, it doesn’t surprise me if most don’t know.

Does the game industry need to change? Absolutely. It should not cater solely to one demographic nor should it assume it knows exactly what they want to allow stagnation to run amok, but that doesn’t mean it should completely abandon them. There needs to be more inclusive games and a wider range of genres marketed to advance the industry and make it better, but every game does not have to be for everyone. Not every game needs to be deep or artistic or have mass appeal, especially at the risk of the quality of the game. Not every game should have to worry if it’ll offend certain people. Not every game should constantly offend certain people, either. There needs to be more equality, but that doesn’t mean equality has to be shoehorned into every game. There are books and movies and works of art that appeal to certain demographics more than others, but does that make them worse? Does that make them wrong? Does not being able to agree 100% with something make that work lose all sense of merit? Sometimes there are things out there that aren’t meant for you, or me, or most of the population. I don’t think that automatically makes them wrong or means they’re pushing a certain agenda. I just think that means we’re different, not better or worse. Games for a certain audience shouldn’t dominate what’s popular and heard about, but those games shouldn’t have to be forced to go away, either.

Also, i did a drawing of Vivian. Not a good one, but I think it’s ok.

Reblogged because it’s true.


Here’s a clue kids - When one side of a discussion believes ‘fuck you’ is a legitimate response for an adult to make they may just, possibly, be kind of immature assholes.

Then again anyone that disagrees is being lumped into the nebulous ‘white cis-male gamer scum’ pile and blacklisted regardless, so explaining that is kind of a moot point.

Comics Alliance has been one big fat disappoint. Even before this. I remember when they had a mental breakdown over Uncanny Avengers #5.

(Source: gamergateharassment)

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